Super Mario 64 DS Wiki

In the games Super Mario 64 and Super Mario 64 DS, there are many characters in the game that you will meet. Some characters appear in the painting worlds, Some appear in the castle, and some appear under certain conditions. Alot of the characters are seen alot through out the game, but a few of the characters are not really seen.

The Characters[]

  • Yoshi - In Super Mario 64, Yoshi makes a very minor appearance. When Mario collects 120 Stars, he can unlock the cannon and meet Yoshi on the roof, who'll give Mario 100 lives, a sparkling triple-jump, and then jumps into the waterfall. and isn't seen again unless the game is restarted. Yoshi is the main character in Super Mario 64 DS. He can flutter-kick to reach high places, like Luigi and swallow enemies and items (turning them into eggs), but can't punch, kick, or grab objects, making him the only character with a projectile attack and is the weakest of the four characters. When he gets a Power Flower, he can breathe fire.

Power: 0/3 Speed (run): 2/3 Speed (swim): 2/3 Jump: 3/3

  • Mario - The character with the basic moves, like wall-jumping and flying, Mario is the very first character to be unlocked. Mario is the most balanced of the four characters and plays very much the same way that he did in the original game as well as in the previous games. When he gets a Power Flower, he turns into a balloon and can float really high, similar to Super Mario World.

Power: 2/3 Speed (run): 2/3 Speed (swim): 2/2 Jump: 2/3

Boss: - Goomboss

  • Luigi - Mario's younger twin brother, Luigi, is the best character in the game. He has superb jumping skills and run on water for a short time. He is the fastest runner and swimmer. When he gets a Power Flower, he can turn invisible and walk through certain objects, similar to Mario wearing a Vanish Cap in the original game. Luigi is the second player to be unlocked. Luigi was planned to appear in the original game, but was taken out, unfortunately.

Power: 1/3 Speed (run): 3/3 Speed (swim): 3/3 Jump: 3/3

Boss: - King Boo

  • Wario - The character who has the worst overall stats, can't jump high or run/swim fast, Wario is the third and final player to be unlocked and is the strongest of the 4 characters and Break Black Bricks, hit enemies harder and can grab, spin, and throw Yoshis in VS. Multiplayer Mode. When he gets a Power Flower, he turns metal and can walk underwater, similar to Mario wearing a Metal Cap in the original game.

Power: 3/3 Speed (run): 1/3 Speed (swim): 1/3 Jump: 1/3

Boss: - Chief Chilly

  • Princess Peach - The usual damsel in distress, Princess Peach Toadstool is kidnapped by Bowser in both games and you need to collect all the stolen Power Stars to win her back.
  • Bowser - The Koopa King is back again, this time with twice as much power as before.
  • Bob-omb Buddies - Showing up in painting worlds from time to time, Bob-omb Buddies are always glad to help the player through their very long adventure. Unlike their black Bob-omb counterparts, Bob-omb Buddies are friendly. They help the player open up cannons and can dictate Red Coin locations in the DS version.
  • Lakitu - He is seen only 4 times in the game, he acts as the camera used to see yourself throughout the game.