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Super Mario 64 DS (originally Super Mario 64X4) is an enhanced remake of the hit 1996 video game, Super Mario 64. In this game, you canthumb|right|352px|Main Theme/Bob-omb Battlefield make more of use of the Nintendo DS's touch screen feature. It features enhanced graphics, storyline and gameplay. Other new things included in this game, is that Mario is not the only character in the game. There is Luigi, Wario, and most importantly, Yoshi.


The Letter

In the beginning, Princess Peach (Toadstool) sends Mario a letter stating exactly: Dear Mario, Please come to the castle. I have baked a cake for you. Yours Truly, Princess Toadstool Peach. Apparently Luigi and Wario have also seen the letter, and come with Mario to the castle to get the cake, too. The group heads into the castle... but dont come back out. Yoshi, sleeping on top of the castle (throwback to the original game) is woken up by Lakitu. He says that Mario has not returned yet. Then, the player has to start the game as Yoshi.

The Painting Worlds[]

  • Star 1: Big Bob-Omb on the Summit
  • Star 2: Footrace with Koopa the Quick
  • Star 3: 5 Silver Stars
  • Star 4: Big Bob-Omb's Revenge
  • Star 5: Mario Wings to the Sky
  • Star 6: Find the 8 Red Coins
  • Star 7: Behind Chain Chomp's Gate

  • Star 1: Chip Off Whomp's Block
  • Star 2: To the Top of The Fortress
  • Star 3: Shoot Into the Wild Blue
  • Star 4: Red Coins on the Floating Isle
  • Star 5: Fall onto the Caged Island
  • Star 6: Blast Away the Wall
  • Star 7: Switch Star of the Fortress
  • (Fake) Star 8: The Tower's Secret Door

  • Star 1: Plunder in the Sunken Ship
  • Star 2: Can the Eel come out to play?
  • Star 3: Treasure in the Ocean Cave
  • Star 4: Blast to the Stone Pillar
  • Star 5: Red Coins on the Ship Afloat
  • Star 6: Switch Star of the Bay
  • Star 7: Through the Jet Stream

  • Star 1: Slip Slidin, Away
  • Star 2: Li'l Penguin Lost
  • Star 3: Big Penguin Race
  • Star 4: Frosty Slide for 8 Red Coins
  • Star 5: Snowman's Lost his Head
  • Star 6: Mario's Super Wall Kick
  • Star 7: Switch Star of Cool, Cool Mountain

  • Star 1: Go on a Ghost Hunt
  • Star 2: Ride Big Boo's Merry-Go-Round
  • Star 3: Secret of the Hauntend Books
  • Star 4: Seek the 8 Red Coins
  • Star 5: Big Boo's Balcony
  • Star 6: Eye to Eye in the Secret Room
  • Star 7: Switch Star in the Basement
  • Luigi Rescue- Big Boo Battle-3rd Floor

  • Star 1: Swimming Beast in the Cavern
  • Star 2: Elevate for 8 Red Coins
  • Star 3: Metal-Head Wario Can Move
  • Star 4: Navigating the Toxic Maze
  • Star 5: A-Maze-Ing Emergency Exit
  • Star 6: Watch for Rolling Rocks
  • Star 7: Underground Switch Star

  • Star 1: Boil the Big Bully
  • Star 2: Bully the Bullies
  • Star 3: 8 Coin Puzzle With 15 Pieces
  • Star 4: Red Hot Log Rolling
  • Star 5: Hot-Foot-It Into the Volcano
  • Star 6: Inside the Volcano
  • Star 7: Flaming Silver Stars

  • Star 1: In the Talons of the Big Bird
  • Star 2: Shining Atop the Pyramid
  • Star 3: Inside the Ancient Pyramid
  • Star 4: Stand Tall on the Four Pillars
  • Star 5: Tox Box Switch Star
  • Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle
  • Star 7: Free Flying For 8 Red Coins

  • 9. Dire, Dire Docks

  • Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub
  • Star 2: Chests in the Current
  • Star 3: Pole-Jumping for Red Coins
  • Star 4: Through the Jet Stream
  • Star 5: Koopa Surfin' Switch Star
  • Star 6: Inside the Cage
  • Star 7: The Manta Ray's Reward

  • 10. Snowman's Land

  • Star 1: Snowman's Big Head
  • Star 2: Chill with the Bully
  • Star 3: Yoshi's Ice Sculpture
  • Star 4: Whirl from the Freezing Pond
  • Star 5: Snowman's Silver Star
  • Star 6: Inside th Igloo
  • Star 7: Red Coins in the House

  • 11. Wet-Dry World

  • Star 1: Shockin Arrow Lifts!
  • Star 2: Top O' The Town
  • Star 3: 5 Secrets in the Shallows and Sky
  • Star 4: Express Elevator-- Hurry Up!!
  • Star 5: Go to Town for the Red Coins
  • Star 6: Quick Race through Down-Town
  • Star 7: Soaked Silver Stars

  • 12. Tall, Tall Mountain

  • Star 1: Scale the Mountain
  • Star 2: Mystery of the Monkey Cage
  • Star 3: Scary 'Shrooms, Red Coins
  • Star 4: Mysterious Mountainside
  • Star 5: Blast to the Lonely Mushroom
  • Star 6: 5 Secrets of the Mountain
  • Star 7: Breathtaking View from the Bridge

  • 13. Tiny-Huge Island

  • Star 1: Pluck the Piranha Flower
  • Star 2: The Tip Top of the Huge Island
  • Star 3: Rematch With Koopa the Quick
  • Star 4: Klepto the Condor
  • Star 5: Wiggler's Red Coins
  • Star 6: Make Wiggler Squirm
  • Star 7: Switch Star on the Island

  • 14. Tick Tock Clock

  • Star 1: Luigi in the Cage
  • Star 2: The Pendulum Switch Star
  • Star 3: Get A Hand
  • Star 4: Stomp on th Thwomp
  • Star 5: Timed Jumps on Moving Bars
  • Star 6: Stop Time for Red Coins
  • Star 7: Tick Tock Silver Stars

  • 15. Rainbow Ride

  • Star 1: Cruiser Crossing the Rainbow
  • Star 2: The Big House in the Sky
  • Star 3: Coins Amassed in a Maze
  • Star 4: Swingin, In the Breeze
  • Star 5: Tricky Triangles
  • Star 6: Somwhere Over the Rainbow
  • Star 7: Switch Star of the Manor

  • Total Power Star Count: 150 Stars

Secret Stars[]

1-2 The Princess's Secret Slide While in the Character Selection room, the player must jump in the Peach stained glass on the right. Then the player will be transported to the secret slide. Race to the end to gain a Power Star. Beat it again under 21 seconds to gain the second Power Star. Anyone But Wario
3 The Secret Aquarium In the room leading to Jolly Roger Bay, there will be a black alcove in the wall to the right of the entrance. Back-flip into it, and you will be transported to an aquarium. Collect the 8 red coins to gain a Power Star. Anyone
4 The Secret of Battle Fort In the Courtyard outside the castle, proceed to your right. Then, you should see 4 red bricks. Break them, and you shall be transported to Battle Fort. Collect the 5 Silver Stars, while avoiding the many enemies, to gain a Power Star. Anyone but Yoshi
5 ? Switch When you have 14 Power Stars and you are playing as Mario, there should be a stream of light shining at the ground. Look up at the sun, and you will be transported to the Rainbow Tower. There will be the ? Switch, and 8 red coins. Collect all 8 red coins to gain a Power Star. Mario
6-7 Behind the Waterfall The player will need to be Metal Wario to collect the 8 red coins in the speeding river in Hazy Maze Cave. To get there, the player must travel to where you would find Dorrie. Then ride Dorrie until she gets to where the Double Doors are. Jump off, enter the doors, follow the hallway until you get to the portal. Enter and collect 8 red coins. If you are Mario, you can collect yet another Power Star. Go to the end, where there is an island, and a ? Block. Float straight up, following the coins, until you reach the Power Star. Wario/Mario
8-9 The Secret Under the Moat The player has to collect all 8 red coins over obstacles with all 3 plumbers. First, you need to drain the moat, and have Wario break the black brick. Wario will use Luigi's hat to get a Red Coin Star, and Mario's hat to gain a Switch Star. The player will grab Mario's hat, then head back to the end of the slope. Hit the ? Block to gain the Floating ability. Float through the course to get the top to gain a Power Star. Wario in Mario and Luigi's Hats
10-11 Over the Rainbows The player will have to collect the 8 red coins while flying through the clouds. First the player will enter the alcove on the right by Tick Tock Clock. Then you will see a black brick block. If you have unlocked Wario, his hat will appear. Put the hat on, fly through the cannon, and land on the island with the block. Break the block to gain another Power Star. Mario or Wario
12-13 Bowser in the Dark World You will need to collect the 8 red coins scattered along the path to Bowser. When you reach the pipe, step on the Switch Star and proceed to the last raised platform. The Switch Star will be there. Anyone
14-15 Bowser in the Fire Sea You will also need to collect the 8 red coins scattered on the path. Getting closer to the end, on top of the platforms will a Switch Star. Press the Switch and proceed back to the end of the raising and dropping platform, right before the lava waves. Mario or Luigi
16-17 Bowser in the Sky Once again, you will need to collect the 8 Red Coins. After you go pass the spinning platform, drop down below to an area with a few coins, a Red Coin, and a Switch Star. Race back to the spinning platform, to collect your Power Star. Mario
18 Red Coins in the Courtyard Before the Big Boo appears in the Courtyard, there will be a few Boos, in which some will hold Red Coins. Defeat the 8 Boos to gain your Power Star. Anyone but Yoshi
19 Sunshine Isles In Princess Toadstool's Rec Room, there will be a painting of an island. Jump into the painting, where you will be transported to a series of Islands. Collect the 5 Silver Stars, before Klepto the Kondor steals 1 of the Stars (Only after you have taken his Star, he will try to steal yours). Anyone
20-21 Goomboss Battle Red Coins/ Switch Star In Goomboss Battle, Mario must make his way across falling platforms, to a Switch Star. Mario must Wall-Jump his way to the Star. When he is done with that, Mario must have all the character caps. He will turn invisible, punch black bricks, and back flip his way to the Star. Mario with Caps
22-23 Big Boo Battle Red Coins/Secret Statrs In the Big Boo Battle, the player must use Luigi for 7 coins, and use the Wario cap to smash the Black Brick Block for the 8th. Then Luigi must grab a Power Flower to turn invisible and proceed to the Boo painting near the end. Jump inside to grab your Power Star. Luigi with Caps
24-25 Chief Chilly Challenge Red Coins/Secret Stars In the Chief Chilly Challenge, the player must use Luigi to grab all 8 coins, and must look far and wide for one of them. Then the player should grab Wario's cap, and go down the windy, and slippery path, after grabbing the Power Flower. Break the black brick to gain a Power Star. Luigi with Caps
26 Through the Looking Glass In the room with Snowman's Land, the player must use Luigi and grab a Power Flower and head through the mirror. Go through the door in the back and you will be in a white room with a Power Star. Luigi
27 Eight Glowing Rabbits After you collect the Rabbits, 8 Glowing Rabbits will appear in the place of regular ones. They are very hard to come by. After you catch the 8th one, he will give you a key. You can now open the White Door in the Rec. Room, which contains a Power Star. Anyone
28-30 Toads' Secured Stars Three helpful Toads have snagged Power Stars, and the only way to get them back is to talk to them. They are located at: The entrance to Hazy Maze Cave, On the second floor near Tall, Tall Mountain, and on the third floor near the entrance to Tick Tock Clock. Anyone
QUICK NOTE: To be able to use a character's cap, you must beat the Boss Course

Bowser Levels[]

In Super Mario 64 DS, there are 3 Bowser Levels that you will encounter obviously Bowser. Each world has a different theme. Each world is also required to move on to a different part of Princess Peach's castle.

Bowser in the Dark World[]

Bowser in the Dark World is the very first Bowser level that you will come across in Super Mario 64 DS. It features Fire Shooters, Spinning Platforms, and See-Saw like platforms. There are also ! Switches located throughout the course. To enter the Bowser Battle, you must go through the Warp Pipe.

Bowser in the Dark World (N64)

Bowser in the Fire Sea[]

Bowser in the Fire Sea is the 2nd Bowser level you will encounter in Super Mario 64 DS. It features moving platforms, elevators, and rising lava tide. Many Bullies and Goombas run around these many platforms. To enter Bowser in the Fire Sea, the player must first complete the first level in Dire, Dire Docks. Then the painting will move back, revealing the entrance.

200px-The Fire Sea.jpg

Bowser in the Sky[]

Bowser in the Sky is the final Bowser level in Super Mario 64 DS. It is said to be the hardest level in the entire game. It features Whomps, Chuckyas, Bob-ombs, and Goombas. Near the end, a strong wind will blow to prevent the player from proceeding to the battle. There are rotating platforms, steep slopes, fire shooters, and spinning platforms. To enter the final Bowser battle, you must go past the strong wind, and enter the Warp Pipe.


In order to unlock the mini-games in Super Mario 64 DS, you must catch Rabbits. Each character has there own color Rabbit. Yoshi's are yellow, Mario's are Pink , Luigi's are Green, and Wario's are Orange. When you catch each Rabbit, they will give you a key. Each key opens a drawer in Princess Toadstool's Rec Room. Each Character has 7 Rabbits (Except Yoshi, he has 8 because of the Rabbit you catch at the beginning to open the castle).

Character Caps[]

The Plumber's Hats

Each hat you can find in Super Mario 64 DS gives the character the ability of that character's hat. To be able to use a character's hat, you must first unlock that charcter, by beating Goomboss, King Boo, and Chief Chilly

  • Mario's Cap- Turns the player into Mario. You can now wall jump. You must beat Goomboss to get this cap.
  • Luigi's Cap- Turns the player into Luigi. You can now flutter kick after jumping and spin after back flipping. You must beat King Boo to get this cap.
  • Wario's Cap- Turns the player into Wario. You can now punch black brick blocks but you walk slower. You must beat Chief Chilly to get this cap


In Super Mario 64 DS, there are 3 different types of coins that you will come across. Some coins require you to look around, but some are usually laying around in plain sight. If you collect 100 coins in each course, 15 extra stars will be added to your total.

The Different Coins

  • Yellow Coin- Worth only 1 coin, the Yellow Coins are the most common coins, and are usually found in simple enemies, such as Goombas
  • Red Coin- Worth 2 coins, the Red Coins are never hidden in enemies. They are required to collect in every course to gain a Power Star.
  • Blue Coins- Worth a total of 5 coins, the Blue Coin is found in tougher enemies, such as Piranha Plants. They can also be found on slides, and by ground-pounding Blue Coin Blocks.

Power Flower Abilities[]

In Super Mario 64 DS, the Power Flower takes the place of regular items, from Super Mario 64. Since Super Mario 64 DS has 4 players, the Power Flower gives the player their own form of Power-up.

Mario- Floating Ability[]

120px-SM64DS FloatingPower.jpg

  • Allows Mario to float high to sky.

Luigi- Vanish Ability[]

120px-The Invisible Plumber.png

  • Allows Luigi to vanish and run through certain objects.

Wario- Metal Ability[]

120px-Metal Wario.jpg

  • Allows Wario to turn metal, and walk under the water.

Yoshi- Fire Ability[]

120px-SM64DS BreathFire.jpg

  • Allows Yoshi to breathe fire.


Type of Difference Super Mario 64 Super Mario 64 DS
Characters Mario Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi
Forms Invisible, Fly, Metal Invisible, Fly/Float, Metal, Breathe Fire
Item Boxes Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow Red and Yellow
Painting Worlds 7 Missions (incl. 100 coins) 8 Missions (incl. 100 coins)
Rabbits 1 Yellow Rabbit to catch twice 7 multicolor Rabbits for each character to catch
Princess Secret Slide Confined to Stained glass on 3 sides Confined to Character switching area and Rec room
Power Stars You can collect up to 120 Stars You can collect up to 150 Stars
After Collecting All Stars 100 Lives and a better Triple Jump 3 Lives and ? Blocks outside Painting Worlds
Thwomps Blue and Cubed Shaped Grey, Spiked, Rectangular Prism shaped
Cake Figures Mario and Peach's appear Mario, Yoshi, Wario, Luigi, and Peach's appear
On top of Castle After being shot out of a cannon, to the top of Princess Peach's castle, where you can find Yoshi. He will give Mario 99 lives, and an improved Triple Jump After being shot out of a cannon, the character will be transported to the top of the castle, where the character will NOT find Yoshi (unless you are playing as him) and get three lives. If playing as Luigi, he will find a rabbit.
Fish Bubs and Bubbas appear Cheep-Cheeps and Big Berthas appear
Yoshi Yoshi only appears at the end, where he gives the player 99 Lives Yoshi is the default player, and the first to be played as
Super Mushroom The Super Mushroom did not appear The Super Mushroom did appear, mainly found in bricks. It turns the player to an enormous size ( It also gives Yoshi the ability to punch). In the limited time the Power-Up is active, and you can defeat almost all enemies.

Voice Cast[]


  • In the Korean version, there was no Rec. Room, it appeared later in the Korean version of New Super Mario Bros.
  • Luigi's inclusion in Super Mario 64 DS, may be a reference to the rumor that Luigi was playable in Super Mario 64.
  • Thwomps are spiked like in Super Mario Bros 3, but you can stand on them like in Super Mario 64.